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Alaska auto insurance quotes are very important, especially if you live in any of the areas of the state where insurance is required.  There are over 400,000 private, passenger cars on the roads in the state of Alaska as well as many more that are exempted from registration requirements. Whether you live in an area where you have to have insurance or not, it might be worth your time and effort to get a quote to protect your car. Remember, just because it is not required does not mean that it is not still a good idea.

Request Alaska Auto Insurance Quotes Even When it is Not Required by Law

Just because the state does not require auto insurance in certain areas, you should still consider the protection that insurance can give to you. Imagine that you are in an auto accident –if your car is not insured, then it will be you that has to pay for all of your repairs or replace your vehicle. Even worse, if you are ever in an accident, you might be forced to pay for the repairs to someone else’s vehicle or property.

Even if you are only driving on a few days out of every year, it might be worth it to you to get an Alaska auto insurance quote so that you know that your vehicle is protected as much as it can be.

Alaska Auto Insurance Quotes and the State Mandated Coverage

While there are a number of areas in Alaska where auto registration and insurance coverage are not required, there are a number where it is. In those areas where insurance is a legal requirement, the levels of coverage are slightly higher than in most other states for a number of reasons. The coverage limits are $50,000 per person for bodily injury for a limit of $100,000 per accident. There is an additional requirement of $25,000 for property damage as well.  Most drivers choose to get additional coverage to be sure that they are protecting themselves and their vehicle.

Insurance coverage in Alaska is fairly competitive, with the average driver paying around $962 per year for their insurance protection.

Alaska Auto Insurance Quotes Can Keep You Legally on the Road

In the state of Alaska, you are required to carry your proof of insurance with you at all times. You must be able to provide your insurance information if asked to do so and in the event of an accident which has resulted in damages of more than $500. If you are not able to produce the proof of your insurance at this time, you can be fined and may lose your license for 90 days to a year, depending on your driving record and other factors. To prevent these things from happening, always carry your auto insurance identification cards or other proof of coverage in your vehicle, right along with the car’s registration. You should also have a second ID card that you carry with you, near your driver’s license.

Alaska Auto Insurance Quotes and the Teen Driver

Teen drivers in Alaska are required to be covered by insurance, usually on their parent’s insurance policies. There are some restrictions for the hours that they can drive as well as for when they can drive on their own. Before you allow your teen to drive, there are several things that you should go over, including not using their cell phone while driving and obeying all of the laws.

Driving in Alaska presents some very unique conditions that are not seen in other parts of the United States. There are roads that are virtually impassable for much of the year because of snow. Some areas become covered in mud when the weather warms up. There are still some areas that become very desolate and remote and other areas that are plagued by wildlife that can be more dangerous to the cars than the cars are to them. A single incident with a wayward moose can leave you without a vehicle to drive.

Save Money on Your Insurance By Searching Multiple Alaska Auto Insurance Quotes

Before you buy insurance, you need to look at your options. There are a number of insurance companies competing for the drivers in the state of Alaska, so if you are careful, you can save a lot of money for your coverage. There are a number of things to consider like the kind of car that you drive as well as the safety features that can make driving on the treacherous roads of Alaska a little safe.

Save Time when Getting Alaska Auto Insurance Quotes

Time is money and these days, there seems to be less time than ever before. You can save some of the time used getting your quote by logging onto our web site and filling out a simple, two minute form. That will connect you to a network of over two hundred insurance companies and increases your chance of getting good coverage at a great price.

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