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Arizona auto insurance quotes are very important to protect your car and to keep you legally on the busy roads of the Grand Canyon State. When you consider what you might risk by not having insurance, the task of getting quotes becomes easier to take. In 2010, in the state of Arizona, there were over 150,000 vehicular crashes.

Arizona Auto Insurance Quotes can Save Money in Case of Theft

There is a car that is stolen, on average, every nine minutes in the state of Arizona, giving it the second highest rate of auto theft in the United States. The majority of those thefts are focused in the city of Phoenix where 54,000 vehicles were stolen in 2006 alone. Law enforcement officials do bring back more than half of those stolen vehicles, above the national average but for the other 30% of car owners, the news is not as good. Those remaining cars that are not recovered are typically cut up for their valuable parts or sold to black markets after being painted and their vehicle identification numbers removed.

In many cases, stolen vehicles are used to commit other crimes, usually felonies which can range from robberies to drive by shootings and murder. If your car is stolen from the parking lot at work, used to commit a crime and then ends up driven through a fence, you might be held responsible for the replacement cost of that fence unless you can prove that someone else was driving the vehicle- and that it was stolen. You will still have to pay for the repairs to your vehicle.

You can save some money on your auto insurance by having a car alarm or other anti-theft deterrent to protect it from being stolen, especially in the higher crime areas.

Arizona Auto Insurance Quotes and Your Minimum Insurance Requirements

Like most other states, Arizona has insurance requirements for every car owner. The minimum coverage is typically called 15/10/30, which means that you have to carry a minimum of $15,000 of coverage per person for bodily injury for a maximum of $30,000 per vehicle. There is also a minimum requirement of property damage liability of $10,000. That is only the minimum for insurance coverage, you are always able to get more insurance if you feel that you need to have it. The more that you can do to protect your vehicle, the better it will be for you. Check with your insurance provider if you have a car that is considered to be high risk for your state, which may mean that you will pay a little more for coverage but it will be worth it if your car is ever stolen.

Arizona Auto Insurance Quotes are Affected by Where You Live

Phoenix, Arizona is the state’s largest, most populated and the state capital. It is also plagued by a high rate of auto thefts.  The average drive time for the residents of Phoenix is just under half an hour. In 2010, there were 175 fatal car crashes involving 500 people. Whether you live in or near the city or simply work there, you have to make sure that you are always paying attention to what is going on around you, including where you are parking. Try to stay in well lit, public lots and never forget to lock your car, every time that you leave it. Also, never leave items in your car that would encourage a would-be- thief to break a window.

Arizona Auto Insurance Quotes for Other Cities in the State

Scottsdale, Arizona has far less thefts than Phoenix with certain vehicles topping the list of the 1500 that are stolen on average there. There were far less vehicle crashes in the city, with 24 fatal car crashes recorded there. Tucson, Arizona had slightly more vehicular crashes with 60 fatal car crashes there, involving 150 people. There were also 7500 car thefts in Tucson.

Within each city, there are certain types of cars or trucks that are most likely to be stolen. The top ten vehicles on the list are typically rated higher for insurance which helps to protect the insurance company.

How to Save While Getting Arizona Auto Insurance Quotes

If you are looking to buy a new car, look at the preliminary insurance costs for the car you are interested in. if it is on the top ten stolen list, you must understand that the premiums will be slightly higher than the other cars. The more that you can do to prevent your car from being stolen, damaged or destroyed, the lower your insurance rates may go. The first step is to get a number of good quotes so that you can investigate coverage more closely. To do so, come to our site, fill out a simple form and get your quotes from a network of hundreds of insurance companies.

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