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Arkansas auto insurance quotes do more than protect your vehicle in the case of an accident or other type of damage. They keep you on the road legally by helping you to find the minimum required amount of insurance as well as by helping you decide if you can actually afford to have more comprehensive insurance on your vehicle. Remember, while the state requires one level of insurance coverage for the drivers of the state of Arkansas, it may not cover all of the expenses involved in an accident which can be quite substantial if there are injuries involved.

Arkansas Auto Insurance Quotes Can Help You to Save Serious Money

If you think that you don’t need auto insurance beyond the state minimum coverage, you might want to consider how expensive an accident, even a minor one can be. But, if the accident involves injuries, the expense can be even greater. Arkansas requires that drivers carry a minimum of $25,000 of coverage per person for personal injuries incurred during a car crash, but if you look at the typical cost of a hospital stay, you will quickly see why you need more insurance coverage.

In Arkansas, the average hospital stay is between $3000 and $5000. A stay is defined as time actually spent in the hospital as an admitted patient, not just visiting the emergency room and then leaving. The cost for a week’s stay can be as much as $50,000 depending on the level of care, the type of testing and the types of medications or procedures that are used during your stay.

While most people do not end up staying in the hospital for a full week, even a single night can be more expensive than the average, especially if there is a barrage of specialized tests and consultations during that single night. On average, the one night cost for a patient being tested and observed for a possible head injury is over $30,000. The state minimum insurance has a maximum of $50,000 of coverage per accident.

Arkansas Auto Insurance Quotes Can Save You Money Even if No one is Hurt

Even in an accident that involves only property damage, the costs can stack up dramatically and quickly. You never know what will happen in an accident, you have no control over whom or what you are going to hit. The state minimum insurance covers $25,000 for property damage but what if you hit something that is worth twice that amount or more? If you do, you will be the one responsible for making up the difference and may also be held accountable for additional amounts if the person who owns the damaged property decides to sue you. It only takes a quick scan of the headlines to see how many lawsuits are filed every day and realize that you need to do more to protect yourself.

You Could Get Into Legal Trouble Without Insurance, Even if You Never Leave

The reason that getting Arkansas auto insurance quotes is so vitally important is more than just protecting you in case of an accident of any kind. Having good insurance in place also protects you from any legal problems that you might face. In the state of Arkansas, there is a non-compliance law that impacts insurance agencies and their customers. Every agency must make a direct notification to the Office of Motor Vehicles in the state whenever a car is insured or when a policy lapses or is suspended. That notification happens within thirty days of the event at which time your car’s registration will be automatically suspended. You can only have the registration reinstated when you can prove you have insurance once again.

Being without your family’s vehicle can present a major struggle and hard ship to them. Imagine having to wait for public transportation or ask for rides from friends, family members and neighbors all of the time. It might mean that you have to miss out on other events and activities and it might also mean that you have to struggle to get to your job every day.

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We live in a modern time where things are easier than ever before. You don’t have to spend all of your time on the phone with people trying to get things done –you can just go to your home computer or even on your smart phone and do all of the tasks that you need to do. To get good Arkansas auto insurance quotes, you only need to come to our web site and answer a few questions on a very simple form. The average person can complete this form in two minutes or less and that’s all it takes. You are connected to a network of a couple hundred insurance agencies that can give you the best coverage at the best price.

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