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California auto insurance quotes are quick and easy to get and a very important step in legally drive on the busy streets and highways in the third largest US state. As everyone knows, the traffic in parts of California are notorious so it is best to be as protected as possible before you are involved in an accident that may seem minor at first but may end up having devastating results.

Before you drive your car in California, it is important to realize what the insurance specific laws are and how to avoid some of the fines and other legal problems associated with not having insurance. It is also important that you protect yourself from anything that can happen if you are driving without insurance and get into an accident.

California Auto Insurance Quotes Help You Meet the State Minimum Coverage

California is not only the third largest state in the nation, it is also the fifth most expensive in terms of insurance coverage making it even more important to get a number of quality quotes before you settle on coverage at all. The average cost for insurance coverage in California is just under $1800 per year.

The state requires that every driver have a minimum coverage policy in place that provides $15,000 in coverage for a single person’s death or injury as well as $30,000 for death or injury to more than one person. You are also required to have at least $5000 in property damage coverage as well.

California is a tort state meaning that someone is going to be found at fault in an accident. While both drivers of a two car collision can be called “at fault” the determination who pays for damages and injuries can fall more substantially on one driver rather than equally to both. There are also cases where although both drivers might be at fault, the expense will be assigned to one driver alone.

California Auto Insurance Quotes and State Sponsored Insurance Coverage

Because insurance coverage in California is so expensive, there is a chance that you can qualify for state sponsored insurance instead. There are strict guidelines that must be met to get this insurance which include being at least 19 years old with three years of good, uninterrupted driving status. Your car cannot be worth more than $20,000 and you must also meet income guidelines defined every year by the state. As a college student, you must be determined to be self supporting- not being claimed as a dependent by your parents.

California Auto Insurance Quotes Can Save You Big Time Penalties

If you are caught driving without car insurance in the state of California, you can lose your license for as long as four years. You can potentially get your license back in as little as one year if you provide proof of insurance, however you will have to pay to have your license reinstated and you will also have to provide proof of SR 22, Financial Responsibility coverage. This is a high risk insurance type and is very expensive. How long you will have to keep the SR 22 may depend on a number of different things.

But, you can get caught without insurance without ever leaving your home. When you buy a new car or apply for a new registration for your old car, you must provide proof of insurance coverage or your registration will be held, not issued or suspended depending on the situation. Just like you would if you were caught driving, you may have to pay penalties and fines and may be required to purchase the SR 22.

California Auto Insurance Quotes Can Save You From Lawsuits

Before you settle on the minimum insurance coverage, have a look at the area that you drive in most frequently. Look at some of the cars that you are sharing the road with as well as some of the landmark buildings that you drive past during your drive. Will your minimum insurance cover the cost to repair or replace that car or that building? If you injure a celebrity in an accident, will minimum insurance be enough to pay for their care? Even if a person is not a celebrity, if you have caused serious, life changing injuries in an accident and are determined to be at fault, you may be required to pay for those costs, above and beyond what your insurance is going to pay for. It is important to consider additional insurance if you can afford it at all.

The easiest way to get California auto insurance quotes is by logging into our site, filling out the two minute and very simple form and then checking the quote you get from our network of over two hundred insurance companies, getting the coverage you need at a more affordable price.

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