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Colorado auto insurance quotes are important to protect your family and your vehicle. Insurance is a requirement of legally driving in the state of Colorado and can keep you from incurring terrible expenses in the event of an accident of any kind.

There are several levels of auto insurance –it is up to each person to determine what is right for their personal situation and insurance needs. There are 3.3 million private, passenger vehicles on the roads of the state of Colorado and it is important that you are protected not only for things that might happen because of you but because of those other drivers.

The average cost for auto insurance in the state of Colorado is just over $800 per year. The state came in as the twenty first most expensive in the nation but is now the sixteenth most expensive.

Colorado Auto Insurance Quotes and State Minimum Insurance Needs

Colorado requires state minimum insurance of every driver. Each person is welcome to choose a more comprehensive type of insurance, of course. Minimum insurance provides $25,000 of coverage, per person and a maximum of $50,000 of coverage per accident. It also provides $15,000 of coverage for property damage.

To determine if that amount is enough for you, consider the cost of the average car on the road today as well as the cost of a trip to the hospital for even the most minor injuries. The longer that a person is in the hospital or the more tests that are performed, the higher the costs will be. A single CT scan can push the costs up by several thousand dollars. Medications, which may be prescribed even if the patient is not kept in the hospital overnight, may also push the costs above the amount covered in the insurance policy.

In the event of most types of accidents, people will be asked to go to the hospital to be checked out. The standard of treatment for those people may vary by the type of apparent or suspected injuries. In most cases, there might be blood or other lab work performed, possibly X-rays and other examinations. If the X-ray does not show what the doctor wants to see, there might be more comprehensive, expensive tests performed. Medications to keep the patient comfortable might also be given. Other fees might include the cost of the doctor, the X-ray techs and more.

Colorado Auto Insurance Quotes Prevent Penalties and Fines

Making sure that you have at least the minimum insurance in place can prevent you from having to pay expensive fines and other legal problems. For the first offense, you will have to pay a minimum of $500 and will get four points on your driver’s license. Once you have too many points on your license, your cost for insurance will increase dramatically.

For a second offense of driving without insurance, you will be given a minimum of $1000 in fines, points on your license and may get your license suspended for four months. A third offense has the $1000 minimum fine but the time your license will be suspended is doubled to eight months and you will also be made to serve forty hours or more of community service.

Colorado Auto Insurance Quotes: Helping You Choose the Best Level of Insurance

The state minimum insurance is only the basics of insurance coverage. It takes care of your liability for other people’s injuries or property damage but does nothing to protect yourself and your own vehicle. If you are involved in a single vehicle accident where you run into a tree or something else and damage your car, your liability insurance will not protect you. Your car’s damages will have to be paid for by you because the liability insurance does not cover it.

If you have a car that is newer or has a lien on it, you might be required by the lien holder to have full coverage insurance to protect their property. If you have a show car or one that is very valuable, you should also consider having additional coverage to better protect it.

Before you settle for just the minimum amount, look at various insurance quotes to make sure that you are going to get covered and be protected no matter what happens or whose fault it might be.

Getting Good Colorado Auto Insurance Quotes Quickly and Easily

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