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Delaware auto insurance quotes are important for a number of reasons. The most important reason that you carry insurance is not just because it is mandated by state law but to protect one of your most important and expensive assets. For most people, the home is the most expensive item they own with their car coming in second. Minimal insurance satisfies the state law requirements but may not be enough to protect you in the event of an accident, especially one in which you are at fault or involving an uninsured driver.

Delaware Auto Insurance Quotes and State Minimum Insurance Coverage

The state of Delaware requires that all drivers carry insurance on their vehicles and that they have proof of that insurance at all times. The minimum amounts required by the state are $15,000 for bodily injury involving one person, $30,000 for bodily injury involving two or more people and $10,000 for property damage which can involve anything, including the other person’s car.

If you are pulled over by a policeman or are involved in an accident and fail to show proof of insurance, you can be fined a minimum of $1500 for a first offense. That amount is doubled for any additional offenses. In addition to these fines, you can lose your license for as long as six months.

The state of Delaware also periodically audits all licensed drivers in the state. You might get a request from the Department of Motor Vehicles asking to see the proof of your insurance. If you do receive this request, you should ask your insurance provider to give you a FR 19 form which will show that you have current insurance coverage and that your car has been continually insured. If you do not send in this information in the specified time, you may lose your license and will need to pay a reinstatement fee to get it back.

Delaware Auto Insurance Quotes and Your Teen Driver

When your child gets close to driving age, you might start looking into auto insurance coverage for them. If you don’t put them on your policy, you might find that you are paying even more than the added insurance costs.

Your insurance policy will go up by as much as $4900 per year when you add a teen driver. They must be covered or they will lose their license for as long as a full year if they are involved in an accident. Teens must also be sponsored by an adult until they are eighteen. Your sponsorship will mean that you are equally responsible for anything that happens while they are driving so make sure that your teens know all the laws that pertain to them.

Teens who maintain good grades or pass a safe driver’s course may give you a discount on your insurance.

Delaware Auto Insurance Quotes and Deciding How Much Insurance You Need

State minimum insurance is just the beginning for most people. If you think you might need more insurance coverage, then you should definitely investigate more comprehensive coverage. It might seem very expensive, at first, however, you should keep in mind that you are protecting your car not only from things that happen because of you but also things that happen because of all of the people who are around you.

Compare the cost of your insurance with the cost of a visit to the Emergency Room or worse, a stay in the hospital. If you are involved in an accident, the state minimum insurance of $15,000 may not be enough to cover a serious injury or a lengthy hospital stay. The more comprehensive tests that are ordered, the more expensive that hospital stay will become!

The minimum of $10,000 may also fail to be enough in the case of certain types of damages to property. For instance, if you hit a brand new, luxury car, that amount might not even cover a portion of that vehicle. You might hit something other than a vehicle- and with Delaware that could mean a historical, well-aged building that might cost well over that minimal amount to repair.

Delaware Auto Insurance Quotes are Too Easy to Get: No Excuse for Not Shopping Around

Because there are so many ways to get Delaware auto insurance quotes there is really no excuse for getting the right kind of insurance coverage at the right price. You might need to consider how much your vehicle means to you and what it would cost to repair or replace it if something happened. You can’t count on other people having insurance in the event of an accident. Protect yourself by coming to our site, filling out a form and then reviewing your insurance quotes for the best coverage and the best prices. Ninety five percent of the people who do, save money on their insurance policies!

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