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Utah auto insurance quotes enable Utah residents to find and secure the auto insurance coverage that fulfills the state’s minimum requirements and their budget. Some individuals will add different things to their policy that another person may not see as important, such as towing reimbursement or rental car coverage. Obtaining information through Utah auto insurance quotes will let you know what each company offers and their price list as well.

Minimum Requirements

Of course, any individual residing in the state of Utah and operating a motor vehicle must obtain and maintain appropriate car insurance throughout the ownership and operation of that vehicle. This includes motorcycles and scooters, as well. Utah also requires that a vehicle that has been proven to be operating within the state for at least ninety days must also require that it is registered with the state. Getting Utah auto insurance quotes can tell you what you need to do if you are temporarily operating a vehicle in this state.
There are minimum requirement levels that all drivers must maintain, regardless of what type of car they operate. These state minimums are a little bit higher for Utah residents than what other states require. To cover an individual who has injuries, a Utah driver must carry at least 25,000 dollars in coverage for bodily injury, 65,000 for the accident they cause and at least 15,000 dollars in coverage for property damage.

Utah does not require an individual to carry uninsured motorist coverage, although many states do have this requirement in place. This insurance can be something that a driver adds to their policy. This coverage will assist the driver who has the insurance if he or she is injured by an uninsured driver. Usually coverage for this addition to a policy is not expensive. Look for more information on Utah auto insurance quotes. If you are a driver who is not insured, you can expect a fine up to 400 dollars and the possible loss of your driving privileges if you are cited at an accident scene.

An additional requirement in the state of Utah is that each individual who obtains car insurance must also have as a component of their policy coverage of at least 3000 dollars for what is called personal injury protection. This will pay for your medical expenses in the case of a crash.

Uninsured Drivers

Although an uninsured driver can be fined up to 400 dollars, this is only for first time offenders. If caught a second time, that fine can increase to 1000 dollars. In addition, the courts will require the person who is convicted of driving without insurance to proof that there is coverage on the vehicle before getting their license reinstated, if there has been a suspension. If this applies to you, be aware that your coverage will be much more costly than the average individuals. If your license is suspended, you will be thrown into the high risk category for drivers and this will cause your insurance costs to go up.

You will also have to prove to the court that you are maintaining this insurance for at least three years after your conviction. Make sure that you do not have this happen to you. If you are already in this situation and need extra coverage, look for the best prices on insurance coverage through Utah auto insurance quotes.


There will be many factors that will dictate how much each individual will pay for auto insurance. If you are a young driver, especially a teenager, your insurance coverage will cost you or your parents much more per month. Teenagers are seen as part of a high risk insurance group because they are newer drivers with much less driving abilities and experience. If you are the parent of a teenager and will be adding them to your own policy get more information about the costs by getting Utah auto insurance quotes prior to including them on your policy. In some cases it may be cheaper for them to maintain their own policy. Also look for companies that will offer discounts for good grades, if your teenager gets straight A’s in school.

Unfortunately gender can also be a factor. And if you are a teenager male, this can certainly be a double whammy. Young men have more of a risk when it comes to speeding and accidents so it will cost more money to insure a male teenage driver.
Another factor can be your credit rating. The worse your credit score is, the higher you will pay for car insurance. However, there are remedies to any situation. Shopping around for Utah auto insurance quotes can help you lower your costs in ways you may not have thought of before. It really does make good sense to get the quotes online today, to save big tomorrow.

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