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Virginia auto insurance quotes will help anyone who resides in the Commonwealth of Virginia, to be able to review a number of auto insurance companies before they purchase coverage from any insurance carrier. This is very important if saving money is necessary and you want to also make sure that you are getting the coverage your require.

The Commonwealth of Virginia requires that anyone who decides not to carry insurance to have a $500 bond posted with the Department of Motor Vehicles. However, this in no way should be confused with having actual insurance coverage. It is not insurance, it is merely a bond that allows you to drive at your own risk. While this may appeal to some, this can be harmful, if you have this bond coverage and cause an accident, especially where someone is injured or killed. Anyone who fraudulently registers their automobile and then terminates or does not renew their insurance coverage will have their license suspended. To get this back will require the payment of several fees.

Your Rights

Just as in other states, you have certain rights in the Commonwealth of Virginia. They are available to review by obtaining any Virginia auto insurance quotes online. However, here are a few of them. If any auto insurance company in Virginia refused to insure you and your vehicle, they are required by law to tell you the reason or reasons why. Virginia insurance companies cannot refuse to insure you because you have been turned down by another insurer or because of the color of your skin, your gender or your age. You cannot be turned down if you fall into a higher risk category.

Virginia auto insurance quotes will enable every driver in the state to be protected and to know how to appeal decisions or to take further action when you believe you have been discriminated against. Once your coverage is in effect with any insurance company in the state for at least a minimum of 60 days, you will not be canceled unless you have stopped paying your monthly premiums or have lost your license. If you have others included on your policy and they have lost their license, your entire coverage can and will be cancelled. This is another reason to find out cancellation procedures by getting Virginia auto insurance quotes so that you are prepared in the event that something goes wrong.

There are many other rights that each individual has in regards to auto insurance and you will want to make sure that you know what all of them are as well as any addition ones provided by individual companies, by looking online for Virginia auto insurance quotes.

Verification System

The Commonwealth of Virginia uses a verification system to monitor compliance with insurance coverage. Periodically, the system will match up drivers and their vehicle registration making sure that all drivers have maintained insurance coverage or at least have a bond in place. Verification occurs first when the vehicle is registered and then also when a driver cancels insurance coverage, but only for liability coverage. Whether a driver maintains full coverage is up to them and their bank if there is a loan in place. Additional information can be obtained through Virginia auto insurance quotes.

Your Teen

Auto insurance quotes will tell you all about the graduated license requirements for every teen in the state who wants to obtain their license. Every teen in the state of Virginia must take an approved driver’s education course and have the required number of hours both in classroom instruction and on the road. Of the required 45 hours on the road, 15 of these hours must be experience driving at night. This is so important, that teens get the experience because driving at night is very different and can be intimidating at first.
Graduated licenses mean that a teen driver must go through various steps, holding first a permit to drive and then following all the requirements to get their final license.  Find out more for your teen driver by looking online at auto insurance quotes.


On some insurance company websites, an individual may be able to look at trends that have gone on for the previous quarter or for an entire year. This will help when trying to find out what the average monthly insurance costs can be. This is important to have some idea of what the insurance may cost you and know whether you are getting yours for a good price. Reviewing this information online or in person is a great way to know whether you are getting a good policy, the coverage you need and are required to have and if the cost is comparable to other companies. Do this by getting as many Virginia auto insurance quotes as possible to make an informed decision.

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