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Wisconsin auto insurance quotes tell individuals that this state has one of the highest minimum insurance requirements in the United States. Minimum requirements state that there must be at least 50,000 dollars in coverage for one individual who has been injured in an accident and this amount doubles to $100,000 when two or more individuals have been injured. As to the minimum coverage for property damage $15,000 is considered the lowest standard an individual can purchase.

Recent changes in Wisconsin law require that every driver has liability insurance on their vehicle. In addition to this coverage, the amount needed has been increased by the state’s requirements. Liability insurance is necessary for everyone to have even if you do not carry complete insurance coverage

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured motorist coverage in Wisconsin has limits that are very important, as they require a higher limit than many other states. The least amount of coverage for uninsured motorist’s coverage is a 100,000/300,000for bodily injury. This minimum amount goes down to 25,000/50,000 as of November 1, 2011. However, most individuals will want to have the best amount of coverage in place because the payout can be huge in an accident. Wisconsin auto insurance quotes online can help you decide the correct amount of coverage you will need.


How does the state of Wisconsin determine what kinds of things factor into the price of each individual’s car insurance premium? Your age and gender will most definitely play a part in the price you pay each month for insurance. If you are a young man you will pay more for your coverage. Why is the case? It may be that much of the research conducted points to young males as being more aggressive drivers and at the cause of many accidents that may have been preventable.

Another factor will be the state of your credit history. If you have bad credit, you will more than likely pay a lot more for your insurance policies. In addition, where you reside in the state will have a part in how much you will pay as well as how much you drive your car. In addition, if you have previously had insurance coverage, and it has been cancelled by the insurance carrier, you may be denied coverage. Looking for more information? Try getting the facts through Wisconsin auto insurance quotes online for the best prices and policies.

This way of getting the information online through Wisconsin auto insurance quotes is the best way to determine the type of policy you need and what each company will price the policy. You can definitely go in person to an insurance office but getting the information online will save you more time.

Underwriter’s Categories

After the work is completed by each insurance company’s underwriter, the company will place you into one of three specific categories. They are as follows;
       1.Preferred – The preferred category is the best one that an individual can be placed into. These individuals are the drivers that have the least amount of risk assessed to them and have the best driving records for at least three to five years. These individuals will most certainly be given the lowest rates that the company can give to clients.
       2.Standard – This category is for average drivers who have basically clean driving records, although usually something such as a speeding ticket. These rates are not as low as the ones in the preferred category they are still lower.
      3.Non-Standard – The last category has the highest rates assigned to drivers. Those in this category are usually under the age of 25, have a less than stellar driving record and may have a poor payment history with their prior insurance company.

Lower Your Costs

How can you keep your insurance costs lower? First, keep a safe driving record. This is one of the best things you can do. Next, shop around by getting Wisconsin auto insurance quotes online for the best prices possible. Another good way to lower your costs is to combine your home insurance, auto and life insurance with the same company. This can save you a lot of money, sometimes up to 25 percent. This is a smart way to lower your costs.

If you have a teenage driver, look for companies through auto insurance quotes online to see what they offer in the way of discounts. Usually a student must maintain at least a B average for their parents to receive a discount.
Saving money is very important for most of us, and if you want to save money and time, look for discounts and information online by getting as many Wisconsin auto insurance quotes as possible. This will save you valuable time that is involved with purchasing coverage from the wrong company and having to start all over again with your search.

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